Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wheaton Theology Conference - Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the last two days to read my posts on the conference. If you want to listen to or watch any of the talks, all but Bockmuehl's are here (hopefully his talk will be posted soon). Additionally, they did not record Wright's response to Hays which I wrote about here.

In reflection I think that there are three major questions that I will be wrestling with:

1. Should we Christians only study Jesus within a confessional framework? What's the right approach to historical Jesus studies, Wright's, Hays', shoudl we be doing a bit of each?

2. How should systematic theology dialogue with biblical theology?

3. Is Wright's understanding of atonement in the gospels sufficiently connected with his understanding of atonement in Paul? His last talk helped here but I still think it needs thinking through.

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  1. Marcus---

    Good summary posts on the conference. It was also very good to meet you; thanks for introducing yourself. I'm glad to find your blog! (Actually, I stumbled upon it once before.)


    Mike Gorman