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A Review and Defense of Sucker Punch

A defense of Sucker Punch? Really? How could anyone defend that movie? Critics have lambasted the movie as being all about sexual provocation and/or having a confusing or incoherent plot. As for the critics who said the former, I have to question their qualifications to be movie critics. If anything the point of the movie is the opposite. As for the charge of incoherence, this is a bit more understandable, but if you're willing to think hard and pull away the layers of the movie, a stunning coherence and plot emerge. Here I have to give credit to my friend Heath, with whom I attended the movie. I initially thought it was incoherent too, until he forced me to think it through.

Before you write me off, let me say this too. I am not a Snyder fanboy. I've never seen one of his movies before. I've never written a move review before and my never again, but the pure injustice of the reviews of this movie force me to write in defense of Snyder and this movie. Not only is this film…

Building a Library

I've been working on putting together a nice base for my theological library for the past few years (I still have a long way to go). I've put a lot of time and thought into its composition (and my wife says a lot of money too). Along the way I've learned a few things so I wanted to put a post together to provide some suggestions on how to build one from scratch or improve an existing library.

1. Preview before you buy

Books, especially commentaries, are expensive. Try to preview them in some way before you buy them. This will save you money and disappointment. There are a few ways you can do this. If you live near a good local theological library, spend a few hours there reading. Even your local public library may have what you're looking for. Also, follow publishers' blogs. They often have previews of a chapter or two of forthcoming books. Another way to get a look inside a book is Google Books, which has previews or the full text of some books available.

2. Think ab…