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Exploring the Christian Way of Life: Prolegomena Part 3

Initially I wasn't planning on a third post related to prolegomena, but I have realized that in my desire to gloss over it I have not fleshed out my position fully enough. I have stated how I approach the Bible and have given some rationale for why. However, I realize that I did not explain what that means for constructing theology and ethics. While the Bible is central for developing Christian theology, we need to beware of having too high a view of Scripture[1] and ground our hope in something surer.

As I stated in my earlier discussion of prolegomena, Barth's view of Scripture as witness to past revelation by God where it itself is not the Word of God (though through the agency of the Holy Spirit we often encounter it as such) is, in my opinion, basically correct. While I do not hold this position for "practical" reasons, there are "practical" and apologetic benefits.

As I listen to people who have left Christianity, I often hear the following tune. I wa…

Doctor Who: The Old in the New

One of the things I most enjoy about the modern Doctor Who is the way it reuses elements of the classic series. In some cases it's overt, such as the flying of the Dalek in the episode, 'Dalek,' or the Autons in the episode 'Rose.' At other times it's subtle, such as the way they drew from the character Sil, the villain from the episode 'Vengeance on Varos,' for Cassandra, in 'The End of the World.' I came to the classic series via the modern series. I love the modern series, especially the seasons under the guidance of Russel T Davies, and wanted to deepen my understanding of it. So, I started watching the classic series after having completed watching season 6.

Today we'll explore my favorite usage of the classic series, the rewriting of the Robots of Death. A few minutes into the episode the 'Robots of Death' I was arrested by the red eyes in the killer robots. The article in the Tardis wiki about the episode Planet of the Ood su…