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What Can #MeToo Teach Us?

I am not on social media outside of this blog. I have long seen far more downside than upside to social media interaction. If you want to engage me in something concerning real life, text me, send me an email, or meet up in person. I also have rolled my eyes at times at social media activism. I did not see what it could accomplish. Then #MeToo arrived. Social media gave people a voice, an way to tell a story where the act of telling story was all that was needed to bring change. Exposure. Exposure of the powers that be, of the danger of male hegemony. Without this exposure things would never change. The powers would never be outed. There would be no chance that my daughter would encounter a world where she has a better than 50-50 chance of going through life avoiding unwanted sexual touching.[1] I am so grateful for #MeToo. However, we have an even bigger opportunity here. Sexual predation is a symptom of a wider disease.

Over the last eighteen months I've been taking on an increa…