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1 Corinthians 15:12-34

You can read the text here.

Paul had just established that the resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of the gospel and the foundation of the Corinthians' faith. Given that, he is shocked and dismayed that some of the Corinthians could possibly deny that there is a resurrection of the dead. To make the implications clear in hopes of bringing them to their sense he hits them with the full implications of this belief. To be clear, what some seem to be arguing is that there is no general resurrection from the dead on the last day. Paul says, if that's true, then Jesus himself was not raised from the dead, which then implies that the gospel isn't true, the Corinthians are still enslaved to sin, and Paul and the other apostles have misrepresented God (a terrifying prospect).[1] Given the self denial called for by the Christian way of life, they are most piteous.

Paul's next stage in his argument is to reaffirm the truth of the resurrection and give them a vision of the grand…