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2 Corinthians 1:1-11

Sorry for the long gap here between posts. I had originally intended to swig to Ecclesiastes next, but I have decided to push that off and tackle 2 Corinthians instead. During this study I'll be relying on Thrall and Matera.

You can read the text here.
Paul writes to the Corinthians and to some surrounding churches related to the congregations in Corinth.[1] He opens with his usual greeting of grace and peace from the Father and Jesus giving a positive tone to the opening of the letter. 
He then offers a blessing to God for his abundant mercy and consolation. Paul has suffered much but God has supported him through it with the result that he can pass that support on to others when they suffer for the sake of Christ. As suffering has increased, so has the comfort Paul has received from Jesus. And whether Paul is suffering or he is receiving consolation (i.e., regardless of the circumstances), God is using Paul, through his experiences, for the benefit of the Corinthians, so that th…