Sunday, April 4, 2010


As some of you may know, I'm a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. Today is a sad day for the franchise. Donovan McNabb has been traded to Washington. There goes any shot at winning a Super Bowl in the next three years. In the NFL you need to win now. McNabb was unquestionably their best shot at winning now. They have the other pieces on offense with McCoy, Jackson, Celek, and Maclin. All they had to do was improve the defense and they were set. Now, the best they can be this year is 8-8. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a losing record. Even if Kolb turns out to be a good quarterback, he will struggle this year. When the other pieces are in place you don't rebuild. To quote John Clayton:

"As for the Eagles, who were 11-5 last season, the pressure falls on the unproven quarterback Kevin Kolb," writes Clayton. "With this being his first year as the full-time starter, we can expect a two- or three-win drop in the Eagles' record because first-year starters have difficulty winning close games. The Packers experienced that after they traded Favre to the New York Jets for a second-round choice in 2008. Even though Aaron Rodgers threw for more than 4,000 yards in 2008, he struggled in the fourth quarter of close games, and the Packers dropped from 13-3 to 6-10."

Eagles fans have NO IDEA how good they've had it with McNabb. They are one of the worst fan bases in all of sports. At least they care, but gosh, you just ran one of the ten best quarterbacks in the league off of your team...a guy who has taken you to 5 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl. The guy with the third highest winning percentage of any active quarterback in the NFL behind Payton Manning and Tom Brady. The guy with the lowest rate of interceptions per pass attempt in NFL history...when he's only 34. It's a horrible decision that I am not happy about. My hope for the upcoming season is gone. Let's go Mets.


  1. First, let me express my horror that you're a Mets fan. Here I thought you loved Jesus...

    I hear what you're saying about McNabb, but I guess the question is whether or not the Eagles would really be a Super Bowl contender in the next couple years with him. I'm not a McNabb basher, but I honestly don't think they're winning the Super Bowl any time soon with him, unless something drastically changes.

    That said, you're not winning it with Kolb in the next year or two, either. Is he good enough to win it within 3-5 years? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe...

  2. Sometimes I express horror at being a Mets fan so I understand.

    I guess I don't agree. It's only two years ago that they went to the NFC Championship Game and were a drive away from going to the Super Bowl. Last year they were one win away from the number 2 seed in the NFC. Their other skill position players are a year older and wiser and still all 25 or under. I really do think that they can contend as they have year in year out for the past decade. Maybe I was being overly optimistic...

  3. You know, I'm a fan of the Mets, Sabres, and Eagles. Maybe I need to find some new teams.