Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Final Four are

...Ohio St., Syracuse, Kentucky, and Duke, with Syracuse defeating Kentucky 78-74 in the finals.

Of the little bit of college basketball that I've watched this year, Syracuse has looked like they have all the necessary tools to win it all, especially if Wes Johnson is healthy. The game that really stuck out for me was their absolute dismantling of Villanova.

Who did you pick?

After the first game starts you should be able to see my entire bracket here.


  1. I'm almost afraid to announce my picks. I've watched less college basketball this year than any previous year since I was in middle school. And I watched UConn more than any other team, and they're not even in the tourney. Anyway...

    If this tournament were being played in January, I'd agree that Syracuse would take it all. They're just too injured, in my opinion. I think Duke is weak this year (actually, I think the whole ACC is weak), but they have an easy bracket. I actually picked Nova out of that one, not because I think they're good, but because I think the whole bracket stinks.

    My final 4: Kansas (champ, though I love Evan Turner from Ohio St), Vanderbilt (weak bracket), Nova (painful pick) and West Virginia. I don't expect to do well this year. Sigh.

  2. I'm not sure how well I will do either, but hey it's fun to talk about!

    The Duke/Nova bracket was the toughest one for me. Who do you pick? I struggled between Duke, Villanova and Notre Dame.

    The toughest bracket by far is the Kansas/Ohio St. bracket. Both of those teams plus Georgetown are very legit contenders.

    Syracuse does get the benefit of the #1 seed, so they get a little time to get healthy. I've just been so underwhelmed by everyone else I've watched (which admittedly has been very limited). If they play the way they did against Villanova 3 weeks ago no one will beat them. I wavered between them and Kentucky, but no matter how good John Wall is, I can't pick a team with a freshman point guard to win it all.

  3. I picked Notre Dame to lose to Baylor in the 2nd round. I'm always cautious of my Big East bias (which is generally a good bias in the tournament), so I opted to go with Baylor. That was a tough choice, especially since I know a ton of Baylor grads (including my wife), so I'm naturally predisposed to root against them. =)

    Anyway, I picked Villanova as a default pick. Duke just isn't that good.

    You're right, the Kansas bracket is tough. In the end, I think Kansas is the best team in the country (since Syracuse is hurt). I actually have Syracuse losing in the 2nd round to Gonzaga, even though I'm not a Gonzaga fan. I feel the same way about Kentucky as you do. In fact, I have them losing in the Sweet 16 to Wisconsin.

    Anyway, I kind of miss the days in college when I'd stay up until 2am watching unknown Western schools to prepare for the tournament. Those were the days...

  4. Yeah, I miss those days too. I was glued to the TV from the start of championship week on. You know it was very important to watch the America East conference championship game.

  5. Ouch, that loss by Notre Dame hurts...

  6. I had ND losing the next round anyway. Losing Nova would have killed me...

  7. Yeah, that would have killed a lot of people. In our office bracket three people have Nova willing it all.

    We're 3 for 3 in games going right down to the wire!