Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Galatians: Recommended Reading on Legalism

For those of you who are following along with my Galatians series (and even for those of you who aren't - but especially for those who are) I would like to commend to you a new series that Scot McKnight is starting at Jesus Creed called, 'Liberated from Legalism,' which is based on Galatians and is about how the gospel frees us from legalism. Dr. McKnight has long been a student of Galatians and has written an excellent commentary for readers of all levels, so this new series that he is beginning should be worth checking out.

In this post he begins by defining legalism:
Legalism is any practice or belief that is added to the gospel that compromises the sufficiency of Christ as Savior and jeopardizes the adequacy of the Spirit in moral guidance.

Legalism then is the charge against you or me, often sensed at the deepest level, that we are not accepted by God in Christ and indwellt by the Holy Spirit.
I think that this is an excellent start and am looking forward to seeing how he fleshes this out.

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