Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Lectures by Witherington (from 2007)

Today I listened to 3 very good lectures by Ben Witherington delivered at Truett [HT: Text, Community, & Mission]. I realize that these probably aren't new to many of you as they were given in 2007 (though they were new to me), but they were so good that I wanted to point them out anyways. Happy listening!

Session 1 is on whether or not we have pseudepigrapha in the New Testament. Witherington says no and provides an outstanding discussion of the issue that's making me reconsider my stance (although I still am uncertain about 2 Peter, though Witherington's stance on 2 Peter seems plausible).

Session 2 is about canonicity. At what point did the church have a functioning canon for the NT and how did the NT writers view their writing in relation to the OT. I don't think I agree with him on some points here (particularly his discussion of Jude's citation of 1 Enoch), but it's still definitely worth while to listen to.

Session 3 is on the question of the authorship of John. Witherington believes Lazarus is the author. His argument, while maybe going too far at a point here or there, was absolutely fascinating and worth strong consideration.

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