Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top 10 Foods to Eat While Watching a Game

My co-worker and I decided to make another top 10 list for this month. We tackled the top foods to eat while watching a game (drinks not included). There was no formal criteria or mathematical system.

1. Pizza - Anytime, anywhere, it's tough to beat.

2. Hot dogs - Probably the best food to eat at the game, no matter the sport.

3. Chili - This suffers a little from being a cold weather food, but it's a great accompaniment for watching football.

4. Chips and Salsa - I'm a messy eater, so this isn't as high as it could be because I'm very likely to spill salsa on myself.

5. Chicken Wings - This is a tough one to rate. If I'm back in western New York, wings are a clear number 2 behind pizza, but now that I live in Chicago it slides down the scale a bit because good wings are hard to come by (in fact I haven't had any wings in Chicago that I'd call good, anyone know a good place to try?).

6. Deli Sandwiches - I like salami or italian assorted. If they're made with good bread, deli sandwiches offer the most bang for the buck.

7. Peanuts - Nothing says baseball like a bag of peanuts in the shell.

8. Pretzels - Large soft pretzels are another stand out at live sporting events (and underrated at mall shopping trips).

9. Chex Mix - This wouldn't have made my list prior to the Super Bowl, but at the party I went to this year I couldn't stop eating it.

10. Nachos - Probably no other food contributed more to my current physique. When I was in high school, about an hour before bed I'd have a big bowl of nachos and cheese while watching whatever sporting event was on tv.


  1. Though I live in Boston, and thus might be assumed to like Fenway Franks, I much prefer getting a good Italian Sausage at a game. Naked (that is, no peppers or anything) with ketchup. Love. It.

  2. I love a good Italian Sausage too, and actually I like them more than hot dogs. I just haven't had many while watching games for whatever reason so the association isn't there for me (though they would be near the top of my list for top foods to eat while playing a round of golf). Maybe I'll grab a sausage at the next game I attend.